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Vintage Ready To Go

“Vintage ready to go” means we have found beautifully designed pieces you can buy from the shop. These items will be over 60 years old, sometimes they are over 100 years old so qualify as an antiques. They will naturally come with flaws consistent with their being loved and used. We will have taken the joints apart and re fixed, or replaced the webbing in chairs, polished and upholstered with modern day fabric. We do not want to loose the feel and look of the past, so will always sympathetically restore, we will polish, but not over polish. We aim to retain the glory in the design.


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Fabrics designed for the job

We often find items of furniture for clients, and we have a “watch list” which is a FOC service for clients looking for a specific piece of furniture. Just email us

In the shop, and our workshop, we have the sample books for high end fabric suppliers. The choice can be overwhelming, but with years of experiance in using the fabrics we can offer advice on the best fabrics for your application. We also find furniture yet to be finished, so you can choose your own.

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Avoid expensive mistakes

Upholstery is a minefield of choice that will dictate the finished look and style of your piece of furniture. It is about crafsmanship, technical skill in pattern cutting, filling, webbing and sewing. The choice of fabric and details, buttons, piping, stitching choices will ultimately decide the look of your piece. If you don’t know what you want, ask someone who can advise. However good your upholsterer, do not assume they like the same style of finish you do. It is all in the detail.